Beatleshow Orchestra In Las Vegas Saxe Theater

It’s still early, but other presumed contenders are beginning to darken doorsteps in and around Las Vegas, apparent opening moves to shore up the basis for future campaigns. Romney appeared this week.

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As the Florida polls closed Tuesday and Mitt Romney prepared to deliver a victory speech, Rick Santorum was standing in the back lot of a strip mall in Las Vegas, trying to convince a modest crowd of.

It’s 30 minutes before the Henderson Symphony Orchestra practices, and the Las Vegas lawyer is making sure he’s ready for rehearsal this Wednesday night. Cates is a two-year member of the volunteer.

The Streamline Tower bankruptcy case is winding down, but disputes continue over canceled condominium-purchase contracts at the downtown Las Vegas property. About 40 buyers filed a lawsuit June 26 in.

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RENO, Nev. (AP) — Reno police have a suspect in custody after a standoff briefly closed several streets and an interstate off-ramp on the south end of town. Police say they arrested a suspect about an.

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DAVAO, Philippines (AP) — Philippine officials say two dozen employees feared trapped by fire in mall in southern city.

In a thick British accent, a charming and spirited Alexander Prior, guest conductor for the Las Vegas Philharmonic. But maybe conducting a professional orchestra is old hat when you’ve been doing.

TORONTO (AP) — Loud blasts have been heard in Toronto’s financial district and smoke is billowing from under a busy street. Toronto police spokeswoman Allyson Douglas Cook says the fire department has.

There were 126 traffic deaths in Las Vegas and unincorporated Clark County in 2003, Metro Detective Bob Holland said. This year’s increase in traffic fatalities should not be a surprise in light of.

He has been a professional musician in Las Vegas since 1960 and has performed with the New York Philharmonic, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the Rochester Philharmonic and the Pittsburgh Symphony.

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O’Callaghan, a Korean War hero, longtime executive editor of the Las Vegas Sun and a popular two-term governor, died March 5. Tillman, a talented defensive back for the Arizona Cardinals who spurned.

The Las Vegas Philharmonic came into being July 4, 1998, thrown together at the last minute when contract disputes and financial problems tore through the struggling and tattered Nevada Symphony.

A woman charged with performing unlicensed plastic surgery last November in the Las Vegas Valley has left the country. Jing Qu, who was expected to appear on a felony arraignment this morning in Las.

On Tuesday, two Las Vegas classical musicians will play the famed concert venue as the culmination of an elite fellowship program involving Miami’s New World Symphony and Carnegie’s NYO2, its National.

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — At night, large swaths of the Gaza Strip plunge into darkness — the result of chronic and worsening power outages. In crowded city streets, the only source of light comes from.

Normally when a business license is transferred to a new owner, the item is so routine it doesn’t even merit comments from the City Council. But nothing is formulaic when one of the owners is Sig.

The orchestra was faced with possibly canceling its January youth concerts, which cost nearly $90,000 to present. Corporate and individual donors stepped forward to save the youth concerts, as did the.