Minor Pentatonic Scale Key Of A Blues Notes

Others would insist that this should be called a minor pentatonic scale, and that it’s only a blues scale. As you can see, it’s a mix of blues-box notes and major-key chord tones. Again, Ex. 2.

We’re beginning with an E minor pentatonic. the blues scale The two-bar sections here have their roots on the sixth and fifth strings, outlining both chords and hinting at the A blues scale. The.

We only have four beats, so we’ll play eighth notes to. of starting this scale out of my A blues position I’m going to move it down two set’s of minor thirds, or six frets to A half whole. This.

This scale allows you to learn the most common set of notes used in the riffs, melodies and guitar solos in Rock, Blues and Indie. This 'shape box' shows you this shape, then you can move it up and down the fret board to play it in any Key!

However, there are actually 4 different “blues scales” that can be used when you. Below are the 4 main blues scales. The 5 note scale (minor pentatonic). Try using each of the 4 different scales in turn picking out different notes each time.

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Adding up to this, they use the minor pentatonic scale over ALL chords in this blues progression, which makes their solos sound less interesting and definitely.

The Minor Pentatonic is quite similar to the Blues scale. As with the Blues scale, it contains the root and flat seventh notes of the three chords most often used in.

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A pentatonic scale has only five notes and can be either major or minor. This makes it easy to transpose the scale into different keys and will help give you a.

Example 1 highlights his trademark, three-notes-per-string patterns, here applied to the E Minor Pentatonic scale, rather than the more typical. Colorado Bulldog and American Beauty. It starts in.

You may remember us covering this common cycle almost a year ago (Beyond Blues: 12 Keys. The trusty minor pentatonic scale won’t save us here! For our first example (Fig. 1), I’ve outlined these.

"David’s smooth and perfectly-intonated bends are present in almost every solo" At the heart of David Gilmour’s playing is some very soulful blues vocabulary. The rest of the notes come from the D.

One of the other key aspects of the. and moving up to the root of the scale (G). The double-edged sword presented in the major pentatonic scale is that it’s an inversion of a minor pentatonic scale.

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In the key of Bb that would be Bbmaj7–G7–Cm7–F7. Ex. 1 shows you how a jazz guitarist might approach this progression. There are a lot of notes that. with the Bb minor pentatonic (Bb–Db–Eb–F–Ab).

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We’re in the key of B minor and playing little dyads against. and root together before opening up with some simple pentatonic phrasing. Notice how the 9 is an easy note to add to the pentatonic.

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A blues typically consists of dominant 7 chords. Diatonically speaking, there’s only one dominant 7 chord in a given key, so technically a. the b3 to 3 before moving through notes from the B minor.

Another technique for generating Holdsworth-style voicings is to take one note of a seventh chord and move it up or down within the key. Ex. 5 takes our familiar. 8 contains two phrases that use.

But fretting eight notes. key to playing through Ex. 10. After a few scale fragments, we move into a C#m7b5 (C#–E–G–B) arpeggio on beat 3. We then descend through the minor pentatonic scale before.

DVD Minor Blues. 11. Chords are shown above the line of music as the chord name.. forms of a C major pentatonic scale or an A minor pentatonic scale.

Learn to play the E pentatonic blues scale. To play the Blues Pentatonic Scale in a certain key first locate the note on the low E string and use pattern 1 as your.

Or (in A) A–Bb–C–C#–Eb–F–G which actually contains all of the notes. blues scale (A–C–D–Eb–E–G) before playing an A Super Locrian (A–Bb–C–C#–Eb–F–G) lick resolving to a D7 sound. Fig. 2 begins with.

Pentatonic scales are some of the most often used scales in improvisation. way to derive major and minor pentatonic and blues scales from any major scale.

The blues progression is based on three dominant seventh chords: I, IV, and V. For these examples, we’ll work in the key of. These notes couldn’t be any easier to find. The flat seventh is already.

Create traditional—but twisted—blues lines. After more than two years of writing this column, I’m very happy to dig into the style of one of my favorite guitarists—Scott Henderson. notes of the A.

For this column, I’ve recorded a simple bass loop over a funky 16th-note. the pentatonic scale and then simply moved up a half-step to create tension. The second measure features more traditional.

Jul 4, 2014. Learn the Minor Pentatonic Scale on guitar with scale charts, audio. Remember to move the root note along the fretboard to play the scale in different keys. Or even better, Lawerence Frit's Blue Oyster Blues in E Backing.

Do you opt for familiar pentatonic scales, or would something more tuneful. punch out of a mix and BB’s signature vibrato is key to his style. Blues Q&A This lick uses only four different notes,

Robben tends to play three-note shapes. (or sometimes more) scales at once. Though this phrase may seem an unusual one at first, it’s derived from the minor pentatonic scale, just arranged slightly.